Welcome to Catalogue of the Works of Luigi Boccherini

The Centro Studi Luigi Boccherini of Lucca has considered as its priority the revision of the Catalogue of the Works of Luigi Boccherini (London, Oxford University Press, 1969), edited by Yves Gérard, which represents the main reference for researches of any kind about Luigi Boccherini.

On March, 8, 2006, the Comitato Nazionale Luigi Boccherini, of which the Centro Studi is a direct emanation, unanimously approved the proposal of an agreement between the Centro Studi itself and Prof. Yves Gérard in order to realize the above mentioned project. As a consequence, Prof. Gérard, who holds the copyright of the printed volume and of its contents, is now leading the work of revision with the help of a scientific work team composed by Giulio Battelli (Istituto Musicale Boccherini of Lucca), Gabriella Biagi Ravenni (University of Pisa), Guido Salvetti (Società Italiana di Musicologia), Marco Mangani (University of Ferrara), and Agostina Zecca Laterza (IAML – Italia). On March, 16, 2010 an agreement was sealed between the Centro Studi and the Asociación Luigi Boccherini of Madrid, according to which the Asociación has become partner of the project; an executive committee has therefore been established, consisting of Marco Mangani and Agostina Zecca Laterza for the Centro Studi and Germán Labrador (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Isabel Lozano (Biblioteca Nacional de España) for the Asociación.

The first scheduled step of the project, which foresaw the digitalization of the first version of the Catalogue, has already been realized, and the whole volume can now be consulted for free at www.luigiboccherini.it/gerard.

As to the revised version of the catalogue (to be called "Gérard 2"), new cataloguing criteria had to be defined, preserving as much as possible of the catalogue’s previous arrangement but considering at the same time the numerous new sources which have more recently come to light and the requirements of digital archives. Such new criteria, after having been widely discussed within the scientific committee of the Centro Studi Luigi Boccherini, were eventually defined on occasion of a Boccherini conference that took place in Madrid on March 2010.

The new Boccherini catalogue is a work in progress: all Boccherini scholars are therefore invited to contribute with corrections, proposals and information about possible new sources, manuscript as well as printed. (For instructions on how to contribute, please read the appropriate section.)

This new, digital version of the catalogue is also intended as a starting point for researchers, leading them, through several external links, to a large set of information about Boccherini’s life, the reception history of his music, bibliography, and discography.